Mega Float

Mega-Float provides high definition recordings and can survey and inspect sewers, culverts and drains whilst flooded.

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About us

Hydro Cleansing's research team designed a remote camera specifically developed for water bound environments. Mega-Float provides high definition recordings for surveying faults, blockages and drainage infrastructure by inspecting sewers, culverts and drains whilst flooded, providing comprehensive reports within 48 hours.


Mega Float has the ability to enter water bound sewers and drainage systems, and has famously worked on the River Themes.


Culverts, sewers, and complex drainage systems such as man holes can often be places of high danger and risk even to confined spaces teams. Mega Float has the ability inspect the dangers of entering water bound environments.

Flooded Drains

Mega Float is commonly used in flooding situation and environments because of its ability to enter water bound sewers and drainage systems.


If you would like our MEGA FLOAT Service, contact us to speak to one of our friendly advisors, who will be able to set up a free site visit, or an emergency call out.

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Performance & Specifications

Mega-Float can travel 40 metres with full 360 degree pan and tilt capability including self-levelling. This operation is able to perform spark free. On one specific project the unit was able to access un-inhabitable environments that had not been accessed for 40 years. Housing the same unit as Mega-Cam, Mega-Float is fully equipped to measure defects. A spark free performance is ensured to enable it to enter potentially combustible environments.

A full comprehensive report is provided within 48 hours.

HD self-levelling camera & recorder

For steady and controlled camera and recording results the high definition camera is self-levelling. This provides the best viewing quality and makes a significant difference when it comes to quality and precision.

Kevlar reinforced cable

Extremely strong durable cable that can support the full weight of the crawler units enabling the ability to carry out a vertical well survey.

Sapphire glass protected lens

Most commonly known to be used as the glass display on the IPhone 6, Sapphire glass offers durability hardness a toughness. The only other material tougher than sapphire is Diamond. With our Mega Cam Sapphire Protected Lens our camera has the ability to survey any area.

Shawdowless LED lighting

Great for ensuring that images and recordings are not hindered by shadows, this lighting offers a hugely better view of the field and offers brighter lighting than normal typical wavelength light.

10x optical lens

With its 10x optical zoom Mega Float can change is focal length adjusting is physical zoom, meaning that the camera can capture higher depth recordings and images.

Dual Lasers

Measure defects in the most sophisticated way. A spark free performance enables Mega Float to enter potentially combustible environments.


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